Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Zayn Malik of ★ 1D

P/s : jangan menyampah dulu ^_^ i'm just sharing..maybe u dunno a little bit more about him :)
have a seat...enjoy readers!mmuahh :*
Ohsemmmm :O

This is him ! him ! him ! heeee .. excited ?? not really ..okei..something that i wanna share with u a little bit about him..just google (:
Actually,ZM is a muslim!mula2 mmg xpecaya..but,when i found out,it's true.(ada can la kononnya nih..hahha.)
He celebrate his birthday every year..(same as us laaa) on 12th Jan's mean ZM baru tua setaon dari saya ;D

Hobbies??singging lah of course.kalaw tidak,skrg ni 1D(one direction) tarrak ahli nama Zayn Malik..are repeat,,Zaynnn Malikkk..ohohho..nama pon cantek.naseb baek muslim(makin lebar senyuman si gadis -_-) *kidding keyh (:
ZM is came from Sandakan Sabah...whooppss..from Bradford England la cik adek oi..heheee..
more about him,his special face is actually a mixed of Pakistani & English taw..
Saya nih baru terrminat kat OneDirection sbb terdengarkan ' what makes u beatiful ' ..lepas tuu....mula lah mata yg gedik ni terjeling kat muka ala2 pakistan ni :3 hehheww.......

some facts about ZM (addition) :

 ♛ zayn is officialy SINGLE :D
 ♛ part of a band one direction..
 ♛ attended Lower fields primary school..
 ♛ ZM's first job was apperantly a waiter at a family resturaunt..
 ♛ Likes Girls Wid Nice Smile "I look at a girls smile if she's got a nice smile then errr
      pretty  much makes evrythings'll worthwhile" aww :3 hot hot!
 ♛ Zayn Malik name is originally spelled 'Zain' but he prefers 'Zayn'
 ♛ Zayn is a muslim and proud he'd like to be the first muslim winner of Xfactor!!!
 ♛ Has light brown eyes (mine is fake..heheee)
 ♛ Has a beauty mark next to his out babe~
 ♛ Zayn has a six pack :333
 ♛ Zayn's official Twitter page is @zaynmalik
 ♛ Zayn only wore the cross around his neck as a fashion statement not cause
     his a Christian He is infact 100% Muslim & Proud !!
 ♛ Zayn has 1 older sister and 2 younger sisters

da GANG :)
Niall : Liam : Zayn : Harry : Louis

♫ what makes u beautiful ♫

ONE band : ONE dream : ONE direction

1 D

Saya buat post ni sukzsukihatisayatanpadisuruh :)
bukan jgak sebab #fanatik gilaaa :O kt 1D.
hmmm..btw,i hope 1D mkin naekkk..wishh u olz luck!!
p/s : ONEDIRECTION is hot setttaafff :3 ngeee

times out!
babaiiiiiii ~

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